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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A very quick update

Just wanted to let everyone know Im still around but I have been preoccupied with other things the past couple of weeks.

The one good piece of news is that I have given up smoking - yep I know, pick yourself back up off the floor cos its true!!! I started taking Champix last wednesday with my quit date being tomorrow but after a couple of days I was down to smoking 2/3 a day so sunday evening thought "sod it whats the point" and I havent had a nasty ciggie since. Im sooooooo proud of myself and believe me these tabs are miracle pills as they stop pretty much all cravings. My only concern I do have is that I have been itching all over since doubling the dose - its due to double again tomorrow but I have a funny feeling this is going to be an allergic reaction again as Im so prone to them GRRRRRRRRR

Anyway I will be a good blogger I promise and will probably be back for good next week. Ta ta for now x


Rachael said...

Yay Bex! Good for you. No more stinky smoking!!!!
Hope you aren't allergic to the tablets as they sound like they really work well.
see you Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Well done to you, i too am very proud of you. Maria

Lynsey said...

good girl!!!

Gin said...

Well done Bex! No more standing out in the cold. See you Sunday. x