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Friday, November 02, 2007

To WIM or not to WIM?

I was a little dubious about adding my inspirations this week after some nasty comments on a certain UK blog - Im not one to let comments get to me but it did make me sit up and wonder whether it was wrong to show LO's that inspire me so would love to hear your thoughts and whether you enjoy seeing them?

Anyway I bit the bullet and did it anyway *sticks and stones*

Arwen1616 on 2Peas

Julie Dudley

Tammy from Prima DT

~Kim~ on 2Peas

SheilaLoves2Scrap on 2Peas

And my fav this week is from ria_mojica on 2Peas


Carly said...

I saw that comment - but I thought your WIM is a really good idea, even just for you as a reference, I always see stuff I like and save it to my 'puter so this is the same... I like it so gets my vote :)

Anonymous said...

I really like this part of your blog, I always enjoy looking at it.

Have you seen the American Crafts thickers / felt and chipboard on QVC? Got mine today and they're a right bargain! Item 586140. You have to ring them though if you want the felt and the chipboard. Click on 'view what's in stock' to see both kinds. Sorry if you have seen it already, just thought you might like them!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy this part of your blog too and get a lot of ideas and inspiration from your images that you load/find. Try to ignore the harsher views of certain people if you can!

Lynsey said...

Keep doing it - it saves me looking. Have a good weekend Bex.

Gin said...

Oh Bex, just carry on showing the LOs, I love to see them. Isn't it a shame some people have such little sad lives they have nothing better to talk or moan about.

Cathcrops said...

Keep it coming Bex. I love to read your blog, see what inspires you, enjoy looking at the great Etsy finds and evertything. So *raspberry* to the sour pusses out there. :)

Rachael said...

Saves me looking too.

If some people don't like it they don't have to look at your blog do they?