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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

HS:MS Doubley confused

This is something we can be almost everyday. But can you capture confused through your lens?

Well Im always confused so today we have 2 pics LOL

Thanks To Caz I now am part of the pink sack recycling brigade after refusing to do it for years however its not quite as simple as I expected so there have been many calls and emails that begin with "can I put ? in it" ....I think Im getting the hang of it now!

And this is cute little Pickles on Hallowe'en with Caz's daughters ears on - now that didnt make sense as theyre not Georgia's real ears LOL It was very difficult to get a good pic as Pix was not impressed and kept shaking them off LOL

** ok, ok for all of thos who are totally confused LOL the pink sack thingy is literally what we have to put our recycling rubbish into....simple when you know, eh LMAO**


Caz said...

Wondered where those ears went...LOL poor Pix.

Lynsey said...

LOL!!!!Poor pickles.

Bambi said...

oh i love the cat pic (^_^)

Jenga said...

What on earth is pink sack brigade?!?!

Cute cat :)

Bobs said...

Love those ears!! ROFL!

What's a pink sack recycling thingie????? I'm confused!!

Louise said...

love the cross kitty pic...

you need to explain the pink sack thingie!!!

Aubrey Harns said...

Great shots - I'd be confused about which to pick too!

Hazel said...

You did well to get the photo of Pickles with the ears. Wish we had pink recycling bags instead of the boring black and green boxes (although in fairness the boxes contain the stuff better than bags would.