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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

HS:MS Collect

To bring or gather objects together. Find 'collect' in your space today.

OK so perhaps not a perfect photo of collect but who the heck invented alloy wheels as they collect brake dust like there's no tomorrow and my wheels are filthy LOL


Bobs said...

Hahaha!! I SOOOO agree with you, Bex. The alloys on my car are in a right state! lol

Hazel said...

Good thinking for the prompt - great shot.

Bambi said...

lol ... nice one!

Caz said...

Great interpretations....now stop taking pics and get the soapy water and sponge out and clean that poor car.

Angela said...

lol, great take on collect!

Aubrey Harns said...

I just cleaned mine two days ago - we have a dirt driveway and it really seems to collect. Great shot.

Casey said...

Nice take for the theme.

amandamagpie said...

Fab interpretation - great shot. x