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Friday, October 12, 2007

Life poster

After spending most of the night looking for some photo collage software (as its too blimmin tricky in PSE) I came across Life Poster and thought Id download it to try as it was shareware. What I did find is that although its shareware it means you can save the files you create in a large enough quality for 8x10" but no larger.....well if you ask me thats purrrrfect as I only wanted it for printing collage photos to scrap and not for posters. Result!!!!

Whilst we're on the software front on UKScrappers tonight was also a link to Palette Generator which is a fab web application which allows you to upload a pic and it automatically picks out the main colours which is great for selecting papers as you can look at it from a different angle.

Then we also have Calendar which allows you to upload a pic and creates a calendar beneath it. I right clicked and saved mine but because it was such a small file size I was concerned as to whether you could print it ok as a photo so decided to check the quality and uploaded it to Photobox - no problems there!!!

And last but not least my other fav is Frame. Again you can upload your own pic and it creates a stamp from it (you can select date etc).

Tonight was a good night for finds YAY

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