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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

HS:MS knickers to ya!

Todays Her Space subkect is your favourite drawer - mine just has to be my undies drawer LOL I adore buying new matching sets and think I must have a set for every day of the year LOL


Bambi said...

they're neatly organized too. nice angle!

Marina said...

I love matching set of underwear the alway look so nice together. very neat drawer. :~) xx

Hazel said...

Lovely glimpse of your undies drawer.

Angela said...

So pretty and so neat. Love the angle you've used :-)

MommyBa said...

I was actually thinking of doing my knickers drawer because I have matching pairs too but I chickened out. I guess I'm too scared! LOL!

very nice shot! loved all your photos, by the way!

Sue Nicholson said...

Nice Nicks!!! Dashing Drawers!!!Great shot and everything is so neat and tidy too :)