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Monday, October 22, 2007

HS:MS Indigo

I was always the child that would never do as I was told and am pretty much the same in adulthood so after much contemplation I decided to take a completely different stance on todays HS:MS challenge (well actually I couldnt find anything indigo in my space LMAO)

The Chakra meaning of Indigo is:

A mix of blue and violet, it is the color of knowledge. It is the color of dignity and Intuition
Some signs that the Brow Chakra is out of balance are:
Jumping to conclusions
Inability to see the bigger picture in life situations
Too much INDIGO and our ego can get the better of us, thinking we are spiritually above the more "common" folk.
Too little INDIGO, and we can become oversensitive, fearful, and undisciplined, withdrawing into the fantasies of romantic novels and wishful thinking.

This photo was taken at my cousins wedding when I had just split from my fiancee - it was a challenging day for me as I had just cancelled all my wedding details and was oversensitive through the whole ceremony. I was certainly lacking in indigo that day!


Bambi said...

great take on indigo especially with the explanation (^_^)

Bobs said...

You look so pensive, yet you can see tension there too. Thanks for the story behind the photograph.


Louise said...

Love the story, and a great pic

Hazel said...

Love the photo - and the meaning of indigo