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Friday, October 26, 2007

HS:MS Bathroom favourite

I love my bathroom to bits as its a real girlie pink and white - my little pamper parlour LOL With ted thrown in and a comfy, fluffy pillow for when Im in the bath LOL My fav area though just has to be my little white perfume cabinet - a girl just cannot live without her Eau de Glamour!!!


Marina said...

every girl should have a cabinet for all of there stuff and no one else's but having a 17 year old daughter nothing is mine any more!!!!! pink butterfly :~) xx

Lynsey said...

Look at your sophisticated bathroom!!!! I'll bring you some toys round next time I come to buy scrapping stash!!!! Have a good weekend.

Bambi said...

lovely! i like that pink butterfly (^_^)

Gemma* said...

so neat and tidy . . . wish mine looked like that :)

Louise said...

how very luxurious, having a perfume cabinet... love it