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Saturday, September 15, 2007

6 more sleeps to go WOOHOO!!!!

Getting stupidly excited now and just cant wait to get back on the baby ship - she's sooooo adorable!
Today was packing day - rather amusing...
went to market to buy holdall (figures theyre lighter than a suitcase hence more to pack in)
bought 2, got home, too big
went back to market, exchanged for smaller, got home, not sturdy enough
went back to market, decided to get a new suitcase after all LMAO pink of course!
knackered hahahaha
Tomorrow is lawn mowing day - I really dont understand why I have the need to make the house ultra tidy just cos Im going on hols....I even hoover the day before LMAO now whats that about!!!!
Oh well only 6 more sleeps - well could class it as 5 as the night before we're staying at Heathrow and I reckon thats all part of the holiday!

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sollie said...

Have a wonderful time!!