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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Thats what Gramps calls Mum cos she doesnt do things by half and when she does she does them in rush - I think this is where I add in the saying "like mother, like daughter" LMAO

I decided at 8:30pm to nip down to Ikea (we are blessed in that we have one 2 miles away) to see whether my boooootiful Expedit bookcase was really out of stock like it said on the website - I nearly did cartwheels along the warehouse when I found out it was in.

A lovely man helped me put it on the trolley as I was playing the weak female - normally I would have flirted a bit but all that was going through my head was "bookcase, bookcase, bookcase, bookcase!"

I then spent nearly 4 hours (well it felt like it!) looking at the boxes, thinking about my car, looking at the boxes, thinking about my car, you get the picture! Then deciding "oh sod it, it will fit". The amazing thing was it did! Mind you the guy that helped me in the car park was definitely thinking that I had lost the plot with my coupe.

*Warning to all V6 drivers* do not brake as heavy as I do when you approach a roundabout with heavy object throughout car - I think my little bookcase nearly ended up in Scotland at one point!!!!

So guess what I am going to be doing at the weekend - at the moment Im sat on my hands otherwise I just know I'll be up til 4am putting it together LOL

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