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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Someone's half inched em!!!

My adorable Chanel sunnies have been nicked, theived, stolen, pinched - IVE BEEN ROBBED!!!!!
I phoned up Chanel today to find out where they were as they had originally been sent off for repair back in June and they were sending out a replacement pair for me. I nearly fell of my chair when Chanel informed me that they had been signed for on the 1st August at 11:40am in the name of Wainwright at my home address!!!!
Hmmmmm now considering I work full time and was busy in the office at that time it would turn out that Im an in fact not a superhero who can fly home in the space of 2 seconds at the exact time so there is no way it is my signature (if anyone could forge that anyway I would be amazed!).
What is more frustrating is that it took them 6 weeks to track down a pair and now not only are we back to square one, but there is also a courier issue involved and I go on hols again next month!!!
So if youre reading this mr courier man then youre in big, big trouble and I want em back!!!
*dashes off to call MI5, the FBI, Interpol and Inspector Clueso*

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