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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy 87th Birthday Gramps x

Popped over to see Gramps after work as it was his 87th birthday - he doesnt normally get a cake, candles and champagne but I wanted to spoil him as he has only been out of hospital a few days!

I didnt think 87 candles would be appropriate, or fit on the cake LOL
and little did I know I had actually picked up candles that relight - now that was amusing LOL

hence all the smoke hahahaha

but he did try LMAO
and gave up when you could hardly see anything for smoke!
he has lost 2 stone and is certainly a lot thinner now but is eating well and day by day getting a bit better - Im just so grateful we were able to see this birthday and so we toasted towards future health x


Gin said...

Happy birthday Gramps!

TCake said...

Hi Bex...i have a Gramps he is 89...yours sounds as precious to you as min is to me.....cherish every moment that you have with him....hope he is getting better. Tx