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Friday, August 31, 2007

Its WIM day!!


cayliehotpants on 2peas and UKS

cayliehotpants again - the girls been busy LOL

BOB376 on 2Peas

Im a sucker for beach LO's Megan Wolfe on 2Peas

lesleymark on UKS

withatwist etsy shop

cayliehotpants - I promise Im not stalking you hun LOL

GinaMiller on 2Peas

Laura Fiore on 2Peas

This is so my favourite of the week from, yep you guessed it, cayliehotpants!! I am going to have to scraplift the idea of the feather wings as I have a lovely pic of me with my dear Nan who is now in heaven and it will look so beautiful.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Enamel flowers - LUSH!

Lookie at my newest find on Etsy - these are absolutely stunning!

They may be a little deep for LO's, Im not sure, but I do know they would be FAB for projects and mini books. Take a look at Sleeping Dog Studio's other pretties.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lookie what I just won!

For £2 in eBay!!

I cant wait to get it now, sand it down, paint it and have fun WOOHOO!!!

It was this display from cmatchey on 2peas that really inspired me and Im still hunting for a display like it - the closest I can find is for thimbles but nothing grabs me yet!

A couple more!

I altered the pin board today and decided to keep it pretty simple with a LO in the middle so there is still space around the outside to use the pinboard - it was hard to stop myself adding more cos I knew there was space LOL

Gramps at my cousins wedding last year when he decided to wear my Aunts fascinator LOL says it all really!!!

I love this pic of Mum on holiday this year - it really makes you want to know what she was thinking.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Scrapping podcast


Looks really good - you can subscribe via iPodcast or just normal RSS feed.

A couple of layouts

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I have officially been crowned


After booking another holiday LMAO - how many people do you know that have 3 holidays booked at any one time ooops! This time we have booked to go to Kusadasi in June 2008 so the line up so far is:

Sept 2007 Caribbean cruise - Miami, Jamaica, Haiti, Cozumel and Grand Cayman
June 2008 Kusadasi, Turkey
Dec 2008 Caribbean cruise - Barbados, St Vincent, Bonaire, Aruba, Dominican Rep, Tortola, St Maarten, St Lucia, Martinique, Grenada

This is costing me a fortune but I love it LOL

All Mum keeps saying is "Kaboom" as Kusadasi is always a target for Kurdish bombers!! I dont think she'll be going anywhere on the local dolmus (bus)!!

Oh well more photos to scrap for my travel album ;-)

Wasn't she adorable!

Mum had been looking through some old photos at Gramps yesterday and showed them to me when I popped over - there were so many I hadnt seen before so it was great to look back and laugh.

Anyone remember the days when you always had your photo taken coming off the plane - they should do it now as its great!

Me and Gramps bless!

Always have been and always will be a beach babe - although minus the fox these days LMAO

Cant wait to scrap these and the others but just wanted to share a few with you x

Saturday, August 25, 2007

This is what I call heaven

Here she is all done and dusted and so much tidier than before - Im loving it!

Yes that is an empty pin board and yes I do have some ideas for altering it so guess whats on my to-do list LOL Just need to pretty up that side of the room now

You have no idea just how much I love this bookcase - unless of course you already have one! Caz said I would fill it quick but Im going to attempt to keep it as it is - alot of my bits are in my crop bag permanently so they will be staying there. Its great to have slightly more display space though which means I'll be making more bits LOL

Friday, August 24, 2007

Todays pwetty

This stunning Fairytale Dream Catcher from Tamar on Etsy

Truly beautiful - I would love this to be responsible for allowing me only good dreams - I do find cute little birdies irresistable!

Though the idea of dreams has been stressed in dream catchers, their ultimate meaning appears to be broader. The Lakota legend
holds, for example, that during the course of a lifetime many forces come into play that can block awareness of the Great Spirit. Faith in the Great Spirit causes the dream catcher to hold not only good dreams, but also good visions, ideas and opportunities to help people achieve their ideals and goals. Therefore, dream catchers are not just for sleeping, but totems believed by some to concentrate good energy and neutralize negative energy.

Just what I need for my craft room then - like I need convincing ;-)

WIM Friday WOW

WOW there has been some absolutely stunning work this week - it must be something in the water!

Subbacultcha on 2Peas

Subbacultcha on 2Peas

thegreenfrogstudio on 2Peas

Wendy from Prima DT

Kim Archer on 2Peas

Mamascrappea on 2Peas
Meriam on 2Peas

Apologies I lost the name of who designed this but it is another from the Prima DT

Rita Weiss from Prima DT

Brit_Chick on 2Peas

This is a digi LO but I love the perspective and the title.

Findingnana on 2Peas

Findingnana on 2Peas

Iris_sparkup on 2Peas

This last one is my absolute fav - its so beautiful and with an adorable photo the quote is priceless.

Ooooh looks good!

Looks like its going to be another good one and an owl stamp too - cant wait til the 1st!!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Help me decide?

Because Im having real indecisions on this one - I want a cute pin cushion for all my scrappin pins as I seem to have quite a few but just cant decide on the birdie or the owl. What do you think?

Pin cushions are from Strawberries and Cream on Etsy.

I nearly wet myself reading this!

Ebay Pokemon cards listing

You really do have to spend 5 minutes reading this listing - it is absolutely superb and the womans sense of humour had my sides aching. Her blog is just as good!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Thats what Gramps calls Mum cos she doesnt do things by half and when she does she does them in rush - I think this is where I add in the saying "like mother, like daughter" LMAO

I decided at 8:30pm to nip down to Ikea (we are blessed in that we have one 2 miles away) to see whether my boooootiful Expedit bookcase was really out of stock like it said on the website - I nearly did cartwheels along the warehouse when I found out it was in.

A lovely man helped me put it on the trolley as I was playing the weak female - normally I would have flirted a bit but all that was going through my head was "bookcase, bookcase, bookcase, bookcase!"

I then spent nearly 4 hours (well it felt like it!) looking at the boxes, thinking about my car, looking at the boxes, thinking about my car, you get the picture! Then deciding "oh sod it, it will fit". The amazing thing was it did! Mind you the guy that helped me in the car park was definitely thinking that I had lost the plot with my coupe.

*Warning to all V6 drivers* do not brake as heavy as I do when you approach a roundabout with heavy object throughout car - I think my little bookcase nearly ended up in Scotland at one point!!!!

So guess what I am going to be doing at the weekend - at the moment Im sat on my hands otherwise I just know I'll be up til 4am putting it together LOL

A great challenge blog

All About Eve Challenges

I'll be keeping an eye on this one - its early days with this blog as they are only on challenge no5 but there are some great ideas on there to encourage you to do a 'Book of Me' including bootylicious and reincarnation.

There's a great gallery too for each challenge and some fab LO's - its really encouraged me to want to do a targetted album and have found some great photos I can use already.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Monster time

How adorable is he - I NEED him he's so cute. Check out the other gorgeous ones here.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Glass button magnets

Gonna make me some at the weekend as they are soooooo cute and adorable and look fab plain or patterned!

Found some smaller normal pebbles less than 1" pretty easy but the larger 1.5" ones I want are $11 shipping from the US and thats just too much!!!

and just HOW cute are these button branches? Caz you have enough buttons to make a forest of these LMAO