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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Your little angel x

"What you need is a little angel

To be there night and day

By your side she would protect you

Watch over you and pray

She would be your consolation

Through your sadness and your fears

Never leaving you at all

Through the hard times and the tears

She'd stick by you always

Through poverty and wealth

Never leaving her constant vigil

To pray you back to health

And so I propose

This humble offer to you

Let me be your little angel, Gramps

And help to get you through"

My wonderful Gramps is going into hospital tomorrow for a gall bladder operation and at 87 I must admit I am scared. I have tried to put on a brave face but deep down im in pieces and can only pray tonight and tomorrow that all goes well and that this time tomorrow I will be there by his bedside seeing his smiling face x

1 comment:

sollie said...

My grandma had the same operation earlier this year and she's 88 so I'm sure your grandpa will be fine. Cross my fingers for him.
Love, Isolde