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Friday, July 13, 2007

The skating episode!

Ok so the skates arrived and they are soooooo cute and typically girly me! The 3 of us from work went out on wednesday for a skate session - blimmin eck it was hard work and talk about shin ache! It began with me falling out of the car whilst I was sat there putting them on and then I nearly went flying across the car park which would have been rather amusing for the builders watching!!!
I did well though although I managed to fall over twice but the second time was in style and I was limping for the rest of the afternoon as I had really hurt my thigh, so much so that I didnt make it to bellydancing that evening due to pain and bruising....hmmmmm we've now changed it to a tues as the girls reckon I'll be falling again next week when we go out!
If you fancy a giggle the pics are here http://www.bexpics.fotopic.net/c1324362.html (had to take camera cos we all need pics to scrap!)

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