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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Never too old even at 33 (well, in a couple of weeks!)

OK so now I can see you all sat there reading this with tears running down your face so I will confirm it and yes I have infact bought myself a pair of ROLLER SKATES!!!! Now bear in mind I havent skated since I was about 10 - the girls at work decided it would be great fitness to go skating at lunchtimes. The boys however cant wait to come and have a laugh as none of us have skated in a long time - believe me the cameras will be at the ready!!!!

Im hoping they might arrive tomorrow so we can go to Willen Lake for a practice - just imagine it!!!


sollie said...

Have fun rollerskating!!

Gail said...

I'd love a pair of those training shoes with little wheels on...but I'm told they're only for kids!