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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Irreplaceable journaling...

Just a quick posting to let everyone know Gramps is still fighting although they had sedated him this morning to help him sleep.

I made the biggest mistake last night of going through all my LO's I had done over the past few years - and for those that know me, Gramps is certainly a character!!! However it made me very sad to see pictures of such an incredible man and to think of how he is at the moment. I want my real Gramps back x

Scrapbooking is so precious in times like this - to be able to read through the journalling and the titles you have chosen is so precious, something that a simple photo just cant achieve. Ive never been a huge journaler, more a commenter, and a lesson Im learning here is to journal more, to put down every ounce of feeling as once that feeling has gone from your mind it can never be recaptured with the exact same thoughts. Journal the silly things, the big and little things and the things you may think are unimportant at the time.

Whatever you are thinking or feeling put it in writing. Every minute of what happened put it in writing because the future happiness it will give you is irreplaceable x


sollie said...

I wasn't scrapbooking yet when my aunt died so I don't have many pics of her. A few months ago, I made a little album (about 6 pages) with the pics I had. It was hard creating it but it remembered me off all the good things we did together.

Caz said...

Glad to hear Gramps is hanging in there...certainly a fighter.

Big Hugs