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Monday, July 02, 2007

Dont you love the housing market!

Just had a call from the agents r.e my little house and apparantely it is having to go back on the market again as it looks like there is some conflict between the buyer and the landlady wanting to exchange. Why is it Monday mornings are full of stress and rubbish for the week - I was so pleased a couple of months ago that they had found a buyer but now Im back to square one and scared all over again :-(
**WOOHOO UPDATE** they showed someone round an hour ago and they have made an offer - if this carries on I will have grey hair by the time my contract is up LOL


Gin said...

Oh Bex, keep smiling. I hope something will be sorted out soon. It is very unsettling for you.

sollie said...

Poor girl, hope things will be good soon. Cross my fingers for you.