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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Birthday girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep that tiny little Becki baby above has now turned 33 (well, actually if I want to be picky then Im not officially until 21:09 tonight LOL). I hate birthdays - I always seem to get really excited a couple of weeks before and then a few days before I get all insecure and dont like it being mentioned....I think Im getting worse with age as well so god help me when I get to 50!!!
I opened my cards last night, traditionally as I always do the night before...I think so that I can pretend my actual birthday is any normal day - Mums card had me in floods of tears as the words were so beautiful...made me even more depressed LMAO

Im not a really a pressie girl as I tend to get pennies most years but I did get this year from Mum some adorable Chanel earrings - well I knew they were coming as I had to order them months ago hahahaha

I also had a gorgeous Lush Cosmetics bath bomb kit from my Aunty Christine and have to confess that was opened on Saturday as I wanted pamper time but there are still 2 bombs left!!!

Tonight is belly dancing night and yes I am still going even though its my birthday - even if I didnt want to I have to as I missed last week due to my bad leg.

Off now to eat lots of cakes and spoil myself rotten LOL

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