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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Found this adorable pic of Gramps on Mum's camera - it was taken a year ago at my Cousins wedding - what a nutter he is!
He's definitely on the mend now and doing well on the ward -he has got his amazing sense of humour back and is now getting really fed up with being in hospital (I dont blame him!)......we cant wait to get him home but at the moment dont know when that will be as he has to do a lot of physio and get his strength back as well.

My boys!

Arent they beauties - it would be impossible to choose between the two even if I had the choice LOL
I have this insane addiction at the moment to watching Prison Break - I missed the first 2 series and vowed to catch up woth them on DVD....so far I have watched nearly all of those ( a total of 40+ episodes) within the space of 3 weeks!!
Just wanted to lighten up your day with their prettiness x

Monday, July 30, 2007

cat cam!

What a fab idea - a cat cam that attaches to your moggies collar and takes a pic every 90 seconds onto SD card...you can live a day in the life of your moggy!!!! Imagine the pics you could scrap!! Pretty useless for my 2 little uns as theyre house cats and only venture into the garden when its hot LOL http://www.mr-lee-catcam.de/pe_catcam1.htm

Snapshots of a good life...

OK so Im a complete sucker for Karen Russell's kits but so cant wait for this one to arrive as it looks LUSH!!! There's even an easel on the back for it to stand up!! Further details here http://karenrussell.typepad.com/my_lifejust_not_on_the_ro/2007/07/update-and-a-li.html


Just a quick post to update you - Gramps is being moved today to a normal ward - his kidney function is now back and he looks incredible! The recovery he has made is phenomenal and Im sat here grinning ear to ear!!! I cant believe everything he has gone through, and we have as a family, in the last week and cant praise the ICU nurses enough!
Comment of the moment has to be when Mum was leaning over to talk to him and he came out with "Aint you got a lot of wrinkles!"....good ole Gramps is back and true to form!!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Ooooohhhh cant wait!

The phrase maker from Around The Block looks ultra fabby!!! It comes in 3 different fonts, a variety of ink colours and 10 different styled labels.....cant wait to see the size of the labels though as I hope theyre not too small.
Another goodie coming are the embossing punches which both emboss and punch...get your pennies out girls!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Beacuse you never know....

This is a LO I did last year - seeing my Uncle and Gramps together at the time made me realise how precious life is. Uncle Brian had recovered from a heart attack when I scrapped the pic and I was just plain grateful to have Gramps around - ironic really but does make you think.
Just wanted to re-share x

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Irreplaceable journaling...

Just a quick posting to let everyone know Gramps is still fighting although they had sedated him this morning to help him sleep.

I made the biggest mistake last night of going through all my LO's I had done over the past few years - and for those that know me, Gramps is certainly a character!!! However it made me very sad to see pictures of such an incredible man and to think of how he is at the moment. I want my real Gramps back x

Scrapbooking is so precious in times like this - to be able to read through the journalling and the titles you have chosen is so precious, something that a simple photo just cant achieve. Ive never been a huge journaler, more a commenter, and a lesson Im learning here is to journal more, to put down every ounce of feeling as once that feeling has gone from your mind it can never be recaptured with the exact same thoughts. Journal the silly things, the big and little things and the things you may think are unimportant at the time.

Whatever you are thinking or feeling put it in writing. Every minute of what happened put it in writing because the future happiness it will give you is irreplaceable x

Monday, July 23, 2007

Is there a God?

Gramps is very poorly at the moment and was moved to intensive care today and put on a dialysis machine in the hope that it will kick start his kidneys into working ontop of developing pneumonia.

Im not a believer in religion but at times of worry we all want to hope that there is truly someone up there looking down. I think Ive only prayed a handful of times in my life when things have gotten pretty bad and right now I feel like screaming out "is anyone listening" because no matter how hard Im praying its not making a damn bit of difference - I know a lot of people in times like this say that there cant be as things would get better but Im still holding onto that belief.
I sit here wishing I could trade places and that it was me that was ill or that there was something I could do and although I know how much of a fighter he is and how strong he is I also know that it is something that is out of anyones control.
I hate the way life has to go one when all I want to do is sit by his bedside every minute of the day so he can see Im never going away and knowing that he has nothing to be scared of. Ive even told Nan she's not taking him just yet and if she does I'll never forgive her...its just not his time and I'll make sure of that .

"When you are ill,
our sun goes under a cloud.
Your presence in our lives
is such a bright joy
that everything seems in shadow
when you're not here.
When you aren't feeling well,
we feel the lack
of your glowing energy
and contagious vitality.
When you are sick
we feel incomplete,
like a jigsaw puzzle
with a missing piece;
Please rest,
take good care of yourself,
and get better.
We miss you
and want you back."

Saturday, July 21, 2007

*Love Elsie*

The gorgeous new Love Elsie range - Lola and Riley!!! Wowweeeee its so cute! It is supposed to be available only at Hobby Lobby in the US but us international cousins can still order it online at www.craftsetc.com so get out there, get shopping LOL
Gamps' operation went well and luckily he had it done by keyhole surgery. We're not too sure if he is coming out today as they need to keep an eye on his blood pressure but he's a fighter x

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Your little angel x

"What you need is a little angel

To be there night and day

By your side she would protect you

Watch over you and pray

She would be your consolation

Through your sadness and your fears

Never leaving you at all

Through the hard times and the tears

She'd stick by you always

Through poverty and wealth

Never leaving her constant vigil

To pray you back to health

And so I propose

This humble offer to you

Let me be your little angel, Gramps

And help to get you through"

My wonderful Gramps is going into hospital tomorrow for a gall bladder operation and at 87 I must admit I am scared. I have tried to put on a brave face but deep down im in pieces and can only pray tonight and tomorrow that all goes well and that this time tomorrow I will be there by his bedside seeing his smiling face x

Im an orange!!!

Found this on another blog I was nosing at and thought I would have a go! Pretty true if Im honest hahahaha

What color is your soul painted?


Your soul is painted the color orange, which embodies the characteristics of balance, heat, enthusiasm, flamboyance, playfulness, aggression, over-emotion, danger, desire, strengthens the ability to concentrate, attraction, adaptability, and stimulation. Orange falls under the element of Fire, and symbolizes glory and fruits of the earth.

Personality Test Results

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Birthday girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep that tiny little Becki baby above has now turned 33 (well, actually if I want to be picky then Im not officially until 21:09 tonight LOL). I hate birthdays - I always seem to get really excited a couple of weeks before and then a few days before I get all insecure and dont like it being mentioned....I think Im getting worse with age as well so god help me when I get to 50!!!
I opened my cards last night, traditionally as I always do the night before...I think so that I can pretend my actual birthday is any normal day - Mums card had me in floods of tears as the words were so beautiful...made me even more depressed LMAO

Im not a really a pressie girl as I tend to get pennies most years but I did get this year from Mum some adorable Chanel earrings - well I knew they were coming as I had to order them months ago hahahaha

I also had a gorgeous Lush Cosmetics bath bomb kit from my Aunty Christine and have to confess that was opened on Saturday as I wanted pamper time but there are still 2 bombs left!!!

Tonight is belly dancing night and yes I am still going even though its my birthday - even if I didnt want to I have to as I missed last week due to my bad leg.

Off now to eat lots of cakes and spoil myself rotten LOL

Sunday, July 15, 2007

A huge WOOHOO for Adrienne

Look at the fabulous book she has coming for us (CHA release I believe) in addition to 9 brand spanking new 12x12 papers - all Im all giddy now!!

Adrienne's work is stunning so do keep an eye on her blog for more info http://www.acolorfulhouse.typepad.com/

Friday, July 13, 2007

And some from me.....

Would you believe I finally got round to using my JB project kit and ended up doing a little pressie for Mummy as her little precious Flossy had been rather poorly lately. Papers are 7 Gypsies.

Using the JB papers I decided to do a LO inspired by my birthday next week - I always end up feeling a bit down this time of year but it gave me encouragement to document what I can be proud of.
Karen Russell papers with a Narratives transparency and Heidi Swapp birdie - the LO says it all!
Just a simple one of me and Pix when I was feeling poorly - Pix never sleeps with me and isnt a lap cat so this was one big occasion!
And finally Gramps who I adore - kept it simple due to the journalling which reads:

"I love looking at the photos I have of you Gramps as they really make me smile.You bought me up as one of your own children and you will always be a father to me - you are always kind, caring and looking out for me....I dont think I will ever stop being your little girl! I have so many wonderful and silly memories of you, always acting the fool and doing anything to make people laugh! Your true grit is amazing - you are always up dancing like there is no tomorrow (how you do it I dont know as Im always tired before you!), the determination is breath taking and a delight to see. All I can hope is that I have half of what you have when I get to your age (or if I do!). Gramps, Dad, words cannot express."

A little bit of inspiration for you

Loving the Toby aeroplane book - just ordered one thanks to this piccie!!!

The skating episode!

Ok so the skates arrived and they are soooooo cute and typically girly me! The 3 of us from work went out on wednesday for a skate session - blimmin eck it was hard work and talk about shin ache! It began with me falling out of the car whilst I was sat there putting them on and then I nearly went flying across the car park which would have been rather amusing for the builders watching!!!
I did well though although I managed to fall over twice but the second time was in style and I was limping for the rest of the afternoon as I had really hurt my thigh, so much so that I didnt make it to bellydancing that evening due to pain and bruising....hmmmmm we've now changed it to a tues as the girls reckon I'll be falling again next week when we go out!
If you fancy a giggle the pics are here http://www.bexpics.fotopic.net/c1324362.html (had to take camera cos we all need pics to scrap!)

Roll on October!!!

Hahahaha Im wishing the months away now! For those that know me you will know how much I adore Karen Russell's work and the wonderful Narratives range and look what she has coming for us.....lush or what!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lush, Lush, Lush!!!

More lusciousness coming from Queen & CO, Im presuming at CHA, cant wait!!!! More sneak peeks here http://moniquemclean.typepad.com/scrap_etc/2007/07/let-the-sneak-p.html

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Never too old even at 33 (well, in a couple of weeks!)

OK so now I can see you all sat there reading this with tears running down your face so I will confirm it and yes I have infact bought myself a pair of ROLLER SKATES!!!! Now bear in mind I havent skated since I was about 10 - the girls at work decided it would be great fitness to go skating at lunchtimes. The boys however cant wait to come and have a laugh as none of us have skated in a long time - believe me the cameras will be at the ready!!!!

Im hoping they might arrive tomorrow so we can go to Willen Lake for a practice - just imagine it!!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Urban Lily CHA pretties

Courtesy of Andrea and some more on her website http://acolorfulhouse.typepad.com/a_house_of_color/2007/07/urban-lily-summ.html I personally cant wait for the life journal to see what that is about WOOHOO!!!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Dont you love the housing market!

Just had a call from the agents r.e my little house and apparantely it is having to go back on the market again as it looks like there is some conflict between the buyer and the landlady wanting to exchange. Why is it Monday mornings are full of stress and rubbish for the week - I was so pleased a couple of months ago that they had found a buyer but now Im back to square one and scared all over again :-(
**WOOHOO UPDATE** they showed someone round an hour ago and they have made an offer - if this carries on I will have grey hair by the time my contract is up LOL

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Crop day

That time to scrap has come around again and I must admit I do love this time of the month as I dont get time to scrap much at home so its great to be surrounded by like minded people. It was even better this month as we had moved to a bigger location and it was fab to have so much space and see everyones designs laid out - these are certainly talented girls I scrap with!

My fav photo and loved scrapping this one - I wanted to try and keep it as simple as possible but Im not very good at that LOL

Dont you just love Elsie! These papers and chipboard buttons are full of inspiration - I cant wait for further designs!

This was actually the first page I started with and actually struggled with it so put it away and got it back out towards the end - Im still not 100% happy with it but couldnt figure out what it needed without overdoing it :-(

I even took 2 Jenni Bowlin kits with me and forced myself to use them - not because I dont love them but just because they normally just sit there being drooled over LOL I love this LO as I wanted to use a lot of pics and think it turned out really well - it takes a while to get used to using multiple photos but now Im addicted!!!