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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Naughty blogger

OK I admit it I have been a very naughty blogger and will suffer 1000 sins for this - I hereby commit to change my ways and blog more often LOL

I will update you all with some new LO's tomorrow for definite - I have been rather manic lately and I suppose part of me felt like no-one ever reads my blog anyway and so it seemed little point.....I wonder whether others who blog get the same feelings?

Off to belly dancing tonight which should be interesting to say the least - Ive wanted to do it for ages but never found anywhere locally until Sarah mentioned it to me at the MK crop and tonight is the first beginners lesson....before long you'll see me competing with Shakira hahaha I wish ;-)
Still not packed for hols on Monday - off to Turkey again and the weather looks absoloutely gorgeous next week but I just dont seem to have calmed down with work and home yet so will probably be proper excited come saturday when the cases are all packed and waiting in the hallway WOOHOO!!!! Of course I will be showing off the tan pictures when I return!!!

So for now I will leave you with a couple of LO's I did at May's crop - I cant believe how long ago that was (ooops!)


Emma_byford said...

Wow fab layouts, love the blue and yellow one, those hearts are really sweet. x

Rachael said...

Yay Bex! Glad you're blogging again. I'll read yours if you read mine!
I love looking at your layouts and hearing about your travels.

Have a fab holiday.
Rach x