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Friday, June 08, 2007

Holy moly wowzers!!!

Lookie what a lush kit I found thanks to Jenni Bowlin http://www.scrapmagie.com/en/indexkit.php?id=49 The pic above was using this kit and Ive got all my fingers and toes crossed that they ship to the UK!!

Some more inspiration from the site:

and for those who want to drool a little more can see Prisca's beautiful work on her blog http://www.cotescrap.canalblog.com/ I think Im going to have to learn French though just to read it!!!!

*edited to add that it is available to us UK'ers - just ordered mine and it was £26 incl shipping *

1 comment:

Sophie said...

Wow, that's really pretty.
I'm French (nobody's perfect!!) so think I can help with the translation:
câlins = hugs
J'aime = I like
Quand = when
Elle me fait des gros câlins = when she gives me big hugs
Et voilà!