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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Back home and sad :-(

Isn't it sad how quick holidays go and that the moment you get off the plane it all seems like a distant memory - had such a fab time and was bawling like a stroppy 3 year old when we were packing the cases to come home LOL If you ever want somewhere really lovely to go away then do give Bodrum a try - it was not what I expected at all. Bodrum is so stunning with a beautiful harbour, 20 minutes by ferry to Kos and a great cafe night culture. The Turks there are unlike any I have encountered before - they are the most friendliest, least hassling, care free people I have ever met.
I feel so drained being back and have a stinking cold as well so feel really lethargic - I think the temperature here might have something to do with it after being used to 43-46 degree temperatures!!!!!
The pics are here if anyone wants a nosey http://www.bexpics.fotopic.net/c1307436.html

1 comment:

sollie said...

I've never been to Turkey but some of my friends have. They all loved it a lot.