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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Club Heidi

Good ole Heidi Swapp is releasing a monthly kit which seems excellent value at $25 although Im not a big fan of the sticker bits in this months but it definitely seems one to keep an eye on. Have emailed her to see if she ships internationally so will keep you updated. For anyone wanting to nose more take a look at http://www.clubheidi.com/july_kit.htm

Saturday, June 23, 2007

CHA Summer sneak peaks

Found these earlier today and wanted to share with you all http://catsies.web-log.nl/ boy I cant wait for the acrylic books YAY

Friday, June 22, 2007

Who needs friends eh!!!

After being classed as high maintenance by a pal at work I was actually a little offended and went out to prove that I wasnt - now dont get me wrong I love nice things, I am a perfectionist and can be a pain sometimes but would always class myself as medium maintenance, that is until I did an online test LMAO
The results were:
"You know what you want, when you want it, and your mate had better damned well give it to you, or there'll be hell to pay. You can be a brat at times--okay, most of the time, and tend to have tantrums when you don't get what you want. Like jewelry. And chocolates. And a mate that fawns on you like a puppy, you little bitch."

Hmmm perhaps that does sound a little like me hahahaha!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Back home and sad :-(

Isn't it sad how quick holidays go and that the moment you get off the plane it all seems like a distant memory - had such a fab time and was bawling like a stroppy 3 year old when we were packing the cases to come home LOL If you ever want somewhere really lovely to go away then do give Bodrum a try - it was not what I expected at all. Bodrum is so stunning with a beautiful harbour, 20 minutes by ferry to Kos and a great cafe night culture. The Turks there are unlike any I have encountered before - they are the most friendliest, least hassling, care free people I have ever met.
I feel so drained being back and have a stinking cold as well so feel really lethargic - I think the temperature here might have something to do with it after being used to 43-46 degree temperatures!!!!!
The pics are here if anyone wants a nosey http://www.bexpics.fotopic.net/c1307436.html

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I NEED one!!!!

Quote: "This may look like a regular 4 stone cat on a leash but it's actually the Cat Of Tomorrow! The Ashera is a blend of the Asian Leopard cat, African Serval and an unnamed domestic breed (probably "alley"). It will grow to be 13-15 kilos. Lifestyle Pets also claims to be developing a tiny dog which I guess can be fed to the cat. My cat Lacerda weighs over 10 kilos, and what did he cost? Nothing, he just showed up in the kitchen one day. Feel free to drop by any I'll see if I can turn up any of his brothers. But if you want your cat high tech, it'll be $22,000 - or $28,000 if you want to raise it from a kitten. Plus $1500 shipping."

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Love him to bits

My Gramps is sooooo fab and has got such a wicked sense of humour which is why ended up nearly on the floor in stitches when he showed me his sign......what a fab photo opportunity, I cant wait to scrap this one!!!!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Holy moly wowzers!!!

Lookie what a lush kit I found thanks to Jenni Bowlin http://www.scrapmagie.com/en/indexkit.php?id=49 The pic above was using this kit and Ive got all my fingers and toes crossed that they ship to the UK!!

Some more inspiration from the site:

and for those who want to drool a little more can see Prisca's beautiful work on her blog http://www.cotescrap.canalblog.com/ I think Im going to have to learn French though just to read it!!!!

*edited to add that it is available to us UK'ers - just ordered mine and it was £26 incl shipping *

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Queen & Co inspiration

Simply loving it!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Shakira, Sharika LOL

Snake hips Becki checking in hahaha!!! God my legs are killing me this morning - I think I have found muscles that were either non-existent this morning or have been asleep for the last 32 years!!! Belly dancing - or wobbling as it was last night was a complete blast - we learnt hip and shoulder shimmies and hip ups or whatever theyre called!! Cant wait to pick up a coin scarf in Turkey now, although very disappointed that I will be missing next weeks lesson :-(

As promised here are the layouts I did at Sundays crop and starting with my favourite...

This is a lovely natural pic of Mum, Nan (god rest her soul) and I (spot the cheeky one peeping out!). I found it a real opportunity to use the Heidi Swapp clock overlay (boy these are great) and the time theme was rather apt.

This was one I had been battling with for ages - I found some old pics of me with my ex and wasnt quite sure whether I would have the balls to scrap them but after deliberation I decided to put my feelings behind me and realised that scrapping is in fact about milestones and points in our lives which show me and my background. This was the result and I was very pleased with it.

I adore this pic of Mum and I which was taken on our cruise last year - a very simple layout.
Little Miss Tabby - hmmm the title says it all really, although in these pics she looks rather tame. I ever expected this to turn out quite as pink as it did but loved adding the additional flowers to the Baileys Garden papers - these are soooo lush!
Continuation of my travel album - I love sitting down and looking through this as its really starting to build with all the places I have travelled to. I just wish I could find some older pictures of places I would love to scrap like when I went to Disney and Mexico.
Still loving the chipboard - its amazing how much Ive got but it really seems to add that extra something to a subtle page.
And finally Miss Mickles as I call her! Actually Pix gets called a number of things and is probably more commonly known as puppy cat hahaha! Loving the Narratives papers - you know me, a Karen Russell, addict and cant wait for any new releases. Im also really enjoying using lots of quite similar pics on layouts as its a good excuse to take even more pictures than I usually do!

Off now but believe me I will be back ;-)

Loving this idea....

Just wanted to show you this lovely mini book I found whilst blog hunting - isnt it sooooo adorable and what a fab idea - I think Im going to give that a go for next month. Well done Lisa its truly lush http://lisadamrosch.typepad.com/lisasworld/2007/04/index.html

Naughty blogger

OK I admit it I have been a very naughty blogger and will suffer 1000 sins for this - I hereby commit to change my ways and blog more often LOL

I will update you all with some new LO's tomorrow for definite - I have been rather manic lately and I suppose part of me felt like no-one ever reads my blog anyway and so it seemed little point.....I wonder whether others who blog get the same feelings?

Off to belly dancing tonight which should be interesting to say the least - Ive wanted to do it for ages but never found anywhere locally until Sarah mentioned it to me at the MK crop and tonight is the first beginners lesson....before long you'll see me competing with Shakira hahaha I wish ;-)
Still not packed for hols on Monday - off to Turkey again and the weather looks absoloutely gorgeous next week but I just dont seem to have calmed down with work and home yet so will probably be proper excited come saturday when the cases are all packed and waiting in the hallway WOOHOO!!!! Of course I will be showing off the tan pictures when I return!!!

So for now I will leave you with a couple of LO's I did at May's crop - I cant believe how long ago that was (ooops!)