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Thursday, February 08, 2007

The snow and pedestrian rage!

Snow, glorious snow!!! Blimmin hate the stuff personally - ok so yeah I'll admit it looks gorgeous when it first settles but I absolutely detest driving in it, it makes my feet cold and then it turns to ice...YEUCH give me a beach anyday!! Well Im rather naughty blogging at work at the mo - yep you guessed it, its 3:45pm and Im still stuck here as boss doesnt believe we should attempt to get home early....hmmm no comment there!

Those of you who know me will know that I have the odd tendency for road rage - I consider myself a safe driver and am always considerate of others on the road. UNTIL LAST NIGHT!!!! Whilst at Morrison's car park some silly bat (sorry but that was polite version) decide, just as I put my foot down, to walk out infront of the car with her trolley and then started mouthing at me when I had to break suddenly. Normally I can practise calm but was cold, hungry and tired so decided it was time to retaliate and we ended up in a full scale row!! The dappy woman had the audacity to turn round to me and say "see those white lines - they mean you have to stop".....my response was not polite and it was the first time I have ever sworn at a complete stranger and to which my reply was "for (insert a well known designer brand cleverly marketed as FCUK) cars not pedestrians!"
The cheek of it! What worried me even more was that she was then going to get into her car and be let lose on the roads!!!

P.S Im not really in a whinging mood today ;-)

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