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Friday, February 02, 2007

Perhaps I should change jobs

and become a holiday rep LMAO
Had a bit of bad news a couple of days ago - we were informed that the flights to Slovenia had been cancelled as blimmin Wizz were no longer flying there as of the end of the month. I had the 'ump all day and we decided we had no choice but to cancel the hotel as well which left both Mum and I really down in the dumps!!
After much deliberation it was decided that there was just no alternative other than to book a replacement - did we go for another long weekend....oh no, Mum decided it had to be a week away in the sun - of course I couldnt argue with that one!!! So we're off to Bodrum for the traditional June jaunt again this year - now bearing in mind we have the cruise in sept you may find that:
a. my boss has strangled me when I hand in the holiday form
b. my cats have disowned me for never being at home
c. Ive packed my bags and just moved abroad!!!!!
Oh well diet starts monday in preparation!!!!

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