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Saturday, February 17, 2007


Ok so Im sulking still over my jenni tin being empty so I refuse to write any more other than showing you 2 LO's I have done today!!!

Used the gorgeous new Basic Grey Scarlett's Letters papers for this - theyre really lovely but Im getting a bit bored of their range as its all so "samey" now!! Please dont ask about the story behind the ring - v.embarrassing LOL

I believe these were also BG papers and actually struggled doing this one - I think I couldnt find my mojo when I started this afternoon!!! 2 FAB pics of Gramps at Xmas with his Tarzan thong we bought him as a joke...couldnt think of a more simple title really!!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

WOOHOO JB is here!!!

Im all excited as my Jenni kit has arrived which means a nice scrapping weekend for me!!! Oh and Scrapologie should be here next week as well WAYHAY! Havent had chance to look at Jenni yet as I just nipped home at lunchtime to pick something up and there she was in the garage - so keep an eye out for layouts over the weekend as Im sure I will be busy making a mess!
Bunny update - poor bunny had to be returned back to his maker today as he had a terminal illness....Im sad to see him ago but should be getting a replacement from Firebox next week.
*still talking Nabaztag bunny not real fluffy one*
Have a good one x

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

This made me chuckle

This made me chuckle today - what a huge cock up from a company their size LMAO

Spread the love day x

Being a typical singleton I absolutely detest Valentines Day with all the roses being delivered and the gushiness going on- makes me feel ill!!! Its not the fact that I feel this way because I am single as even when I have been in a relationship I have pretty much had the same feelings (although wouldnt say no to roses and choccies haha).
Instead I think we should rename it 'spread the love day' and make it a day of general love where we show appreciation and love for all the people around us that we care for - ok so its not going to make the world a better place but perhaps it will make your world a better place.
All too often we forget to be grateful for all the things we have in our lives so, for me, sit down today and make a list.....you'll be amazed at how good it will make you feel x

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Nabaztag coming....

Cant wait LOL I ordered my Nabaztag last night as Ive been wanting one for ages and the new groovier Nabaztag/tag has been released! I know, I know I love gadgets but the wireless bunny is sooooo adorable.

Take a look at www.nabaztag.com - pretty soon these bunnies will be taking over the world. I'll inform you once he arrives and let you know his name as well so everyone can say "hi"!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Where has the day gone??

I havent done anything really except laze and its nearly all over aaaaahhh!!

The only thing I have done successfully is to stuff my face with good badness!! I have eaten so much rubbish its silly and now I feel ill LMAO

Did the LO above as it was one Ive been meaning to do for ages - used Blonde Moments but to be honest I had absolutely no inspiration today!
A couple of real cute pics of Tabs who was playing little minx under the pillows today - so adorable!!!

....oh well off to pamper myself ;-)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

.......and sleep

Ive started a places album so it can hold LO's of all the places I vist both home and abroad - its something I wished I had started a long time ago as there are many places I have already been to that I am unable to scrap due to loosing any pictures. It will be a lovely collection to look back at and reminisce as Ive always had fantastic holidays and journeys and cant wait to see it grow. Used an old kit for todays holiday LO's as you find a lot of the pics you have are similar colours.

Another entry for my book of me - perhaps I should have named it makeup tart LOL Im still finding it hard to scrap 8.5x11 but its good to go ourside your comfort zone once in a while.

I love doing multipic LO's and never understand why some people struggle...perhaps its because I love embellishments and think of pics as an embellishment and not a physical photo?

Unfortunately you can barely see the writing down the left hand side on this photo - its a lot clearer in real life but the white just doesnt seem to photo well. Im not a big journalling fan but these holiday LO's and my book of me help me to practice this and extend my creativity in writing.

Boy Im shattered! What a busy bunny I've been...going to have lovely dins now and a nice hot relaxing bath to recouperate.

A quick Fri night scrap

Fri night for me is normally relaxing after a hard week at work but I had the urge late night to do some scrapping using my Jan Scrapologie kit which I adored - I NEED more of those flowers so going to investigate who makes them. A scrapping day ahead today after a quick trip to Hobbycraft (that place is overrated and epensive although they have some lush new Creative Imaginations bits in!) to pick up some glue etc.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The snow and pedestrian rage!

Snow, glorious snow!!! Blimmin hate the stuff personally - ok so yeah I'll admit it looks gorgeous when it first settles but I absolutely detest driving in it, it makes my feet cold and then it turns to ice...YEUCH give me a beach anyday!! Well Im rather naughty blogging at work at the mo - yep you guessed it, its 3:45pm and Im still stuck here as boss doesnt believe we should attempt to get home early....hmmm no comment there!

Those of you who know me will know that I have the odd tendency for road rage - I consider myself a safe driver and am always considerate of others on the road. UNTIL LAST NIGHT!!!! Whilst at Morrison's car park some silly bat (sorry but that was polite version) decide, just as I put my foot down, to walk out infront of the car with her trolley and then started mouthing at me when I had to break suddenly. Normally I can practise calm but was cold, hungry and tired so decided it was time to retaliate and we ended up in a full scale row!! The dappy woman had the audacity to turn round to me and say "see those white lines - they mean you have to stop".....my response was not polite and it was the first time I have ever sworn at a complete stranger and to which my reply was "for (insert a well known designer brand cleverly marketed as FCUK) cars not pedestrians!"
The cheek of it! What worried me even more was that she was then going to get into her car and be let lose on the roads!!!

P.S Im not really in a whinging mood today ;-)

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Wow what an exhausting day today has been - it was crop sunday but because I havent been in a couple of months I think I forgot how much it can take out of you....its worse than work day LOL
Was very pleased with what I did though - at first I just couldnt find my mojo but then it came flooding back and I think I got a little carried away with LO's!!!
This picture (above) wasnt intentional..it was actually me attempting to take a pic of me and Gramps whilst I was a tad inebriated hahaha...actually I love it to bits now and the black and white really does it justice. I used Creative Imaginations paper and my favourite Narratives acetate.
This was another gorgeous pic that the photographer on the cruise took - Im so glad we had these done as they are really lovely mother and daughter portraits. Again using Creative Imaginations and the Making Memories 'love' chipboard.
Here is me and Gramps taken at Stansted Airport last year before flying out for my cousins wedding - the acetate is good ole Hambly Studios - LUSH.

Not too sure about the papers here but the letters are Heidi Swapp and the colours fit perfectly....I could look at these pics forever as it brings back lovely memories. The notepad paper is from the gorgeous Karen Russell Narratives journal.....I cant seem to stop using them at the moment.

This was a really lovely and natural pic mum took of me in Aruba - the colours were perfect to fit with the MOD range of papers. I love those die cut shapes.

The famous piccies of the mogs on my suitcase that I mentioned previously on my blog - they were so adorable and a typical snap opportunity. Papers are Urban Lily.

and last but not least a 8.5x11 layout that I did - I have had an album for ages but just havent got round to using it so decided to use it for an album about my loves and quirks. Its hard adjusting to a different size and I dont think I could do it permanently as I love 12x12 but it does make a change. Papers were Rouge De Garrance.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Perhaps I should change jobs

and become a holiday rep LMAO
Had a bit of bad news a couple of days ago - we were informed that the flights to Slovenia had been cancelled as blimmin Wizz were no longer flying there as of the end of the month. I had the 'ump all day and we decided we had no choice but to cancel the hotel as well which left both Mum and I really down in the dumps!!
After much deliberation it was decided that there was just no alternative other than to book a replacement - did we go for another long weekend....oh no, Mum decided it had to be a week away in the sun - of course I couldnt argue with that one!!! So we're off to Bodrum for the traditional June jaunt again this year - now bearing in mind we have the cruise in sept you may find that:
a. my boss has strangled me when I hand in the holiday form
b. my cats have disowned me for never being at home
c. Ive packed my bags and just moved abroad!!!!!
Oh well diet starts monday in preparation!!!!