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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Shattered jet-setter!

Took Mum away to Pisa for her birthday - we flew out early friday morning and spent all of the day in Pisa and then stayed overnight and took the train yesterday to Lucca which was about half an hour away and then returned late last night. It was an absolutely fantastic couple of days. Pisa is sooooo beautiful and the hotel we stayed at was wonderful, I dont think I have ever met such friendly people and it was really lovely as the bar man poured everyone a drink last night and toasted Mum...what a truly lovely gesture.

My feet this morning are killing me however after about 60 miles of walking and I have only just managed to warm up as it was so cold out there. Piccies as usual for anyone that wants to nose at www.bexpics.fotopic.net

Sunday, January 21, 2007

What a cutie!!

See what I have to put up with whenever Im off anywhere - luckily this is only a diddy case which only Pix can get on! I think I must have the maddest moggies in the world, either that or theyre trying to tell me something. Piccie below was last Nov when I was going away and they had worked how to get inside that one!!!!

A JB kit day

I thought I would have a well earned scrapping day today after a hectic day at work - off to Italy next weekend so thought it was about time!!

I decided to open this months Jenni Bowlin kit as I really wanted to do the frame project kit and I loved it to bits!! The papers were Daisy D romance and just my type - also gave me the opportunity to scrap a couple of older photos that I hadnt got round to.

If anyone is looking for a new kit to sub to then I would highly recommend Jenni's - Ive been with her since day 1 and never received a kit yet that I didnt like....I know its down to personal taste but I love something that doesnt have hundreds of sheets of patterned paper and that little goodie tins we get are always adorable!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Me vs NatWest

Just a quickie to let you all know that today is a VERY good day. I approached Natwest at the end of last year regarding their unfair charges and was prepared to go to court over it after all of the publicity. Well on the 14th and final day of the original letter before filing with the court I received a letter from them wanting to settle the full amount claimed of £1300!!!!

Not only does it make me feel victorious, it was also a fab way of saving over the last 6 years as at the end of the day the money was rightfully mine!!!


I definitely recommend anyone else to do the same - further help and info can be found here http://www.fool.co.uk/news/your-money/current-accounts/2006/06/30/reclaiming-bank-and-card-charges.aspx

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Poppy out, Scrapologie in!!!

Poor Poppyink is going by the look of it - Im real sad as my subscription is up in Feb and they will no longer let us non-US'ers resub except if we go through a company in Oz so it looks like I'll be saying fond farewells. However to cheery me up I have finally subbed to the FAB Scrapologie kit......I love these so much and Jan's is a real treat however I do know Im going to have to sit on my hands each month when the add-ons are listed. Yes they are always beautiful but with a price tag to match!!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Back to Slovenia

Ooooooh I do love holidays - going back to Slovenia in March but this time to the capital city Ljubljana as we didnt manage to visit it last year during my Cousins wedding. Should be a really lovely break as we're only going for 3 nights - its crazy what you pay these days for flights....we managed to pay just 1p each way with Wizz so only had to pay for the flight taxes! Hopefully the weather will be nice - cold but nice!

Friday, January 05, 2007


Lookie whats coming WOOHOOO and I won it on Ebay for £26......jealous are ya, are ya ;-) I didnt think I stood a chance and that it would pretty much go for the retail price so Im over the moon and cant wait now for her to come home to Mommy!!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy new 2007xxx

I know, I know I said it before and apologised for being a poor blogger but Im back now with a vengeance as its 2007 and its time to get a little more organised to keep y'all up to date!!

So whats new then - well Xmas was really lovely albeit with still a horrible cold and cough I cant seem to shift!! Gramps was rather poorly but seems to be on the mend now - we certainly had a laugh with him Xmas day with that thong!!

Bedroom has now been redecorated as I felt like a change - I love it to bits and cant stop keep looking at it - a real tarts boudoir as I call it LOL

And please dont faint but this is my first bit of scrapping bot just for 2007 but for a long while - told you I had been naughty!!! Im definitely going to fit room in for more as Ive tons of lovely photos to scrap now but do need to get off my backside and get a couple more albums with a view to filling!!

Holiday is booked and now I can finally say we're off in 9 months and its this year WOOHOOO!! We're off again on a cruise - this time Freedom of the Seas' new baby sis Liberty who launches in May......cant wait to get back to not just the Caribbean but Royal Caribbean as well x