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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

One of those days....

Have been trying to explain the shit shield to Mum over the last couple of days when I came across someone elses description and ended up laughing so loud in the office that everyone thought I was strange (well, hmmmm). So here goes, and enjoy:
Shit Shield
I went to my therapist tonight and I told her about how I hate Christmas. Then, I listed the reasons why I hate Christmas. Then, of course, we talked about how I don't particularly care for my father and stepmother because they have a tendency to pick my life apart and criticize. Her answer, "Oh, that's when you put up your shit shield." I was like, "huh?" That's when she explained to me that a shit shield is when you put up whatever you have to put up to keep other people's opinions from permeating into yourself. You put up an umbrella or brick wall or whatever and that way their shit doesn't get onto you. Her exact words. I kept laughing the entire time.
Then, we talked about how everybody has a shit pile and we all have a shovel. We shovel our own shit and if someone puts their shovel in our shit, we don't like it. People also don't really like it if you put your shovel in their shit either. So, the idea is to shovel your own shit and
a)keep other people from trying to shovel through your shit
b) keep your shovel out of other people's shit (at least ask first) and
c) try to keep others from adding to your pile of shit, if possible.
To anyone whom I've added to or tried to shovel your shit, I'm truly sorry. I will try to keep my shovel out of your pile. If you are attempting to put your shovel in MY shit, please ask first or you may get a shit storm.

1 comment:

Jay said...

I so love the idea of a shit shield, I think I will invest in one straight away