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Sunday, September 24, 2006

All alcohol is now banned

Well until Xmas that is LOL
Spent Friday and Saturday in Brighton with work and it was absolutely FAB!!! When we arrived it was tipping it down which was rather depressing but soon cleared up enough for a traditional paddle in the great British sea!!! Had a wander around the pier doing the typical holiday thing and then went back to the hotel to get ready for the evening. We were staying in the Grand Hotel which I must say was out of this world and sheer 5* luxury! We went out for dinner at the Havana where the food was gorgeous but I think perhaps by then the alcohol was starting to take effect and most certainly had by the time we hit the bars afterwards.
Saturday was therefore a complete and utter disaster - I was really looking forward to a wander around the Laines and although I managed a few shops all I wanted was to be at home in my bed...believe me it was the worst 2 hour train journey in my life. To top it I also managed to leave behind my necklace, earrings and a pair of shoes - next time Im taking a re-packing checklist LOL
More crazy pics, and the full story, at http://www.bexpics.fotopic.net/c1091275.html

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Ok so I confess - my latest addiction is Mac pigments...the way I see it it's like painting on yout face so theoretically an extension of scrapbooking!!!! For those that are aware of the pigments they are absolutely FABBY and you can purchase trial sizes from ebay - please be warned though as there are a lot of fakes around (I can recommend some good sellers if anyone is interested). So for today we went for a rather spring/summery look - what else when they forecast 28degrees of sun!!!
Off to Brighton tomorrow for the weekend with work so will tell you all about the fun and games next week when Im back - oh and no doubt the boozehound wainwright antics ;-)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

You gotta check it out...

www.stuffonmycat.com - I ADORE this site but just what is this cat about????????? Just picked myself up off the floor laughin so much!!!!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sing-a-long time

Just added the music - I love this song and it means a lot to me and gives me so much inspiration x

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Where in the world....

The world is a wondrous place. If family, money and a job were not a factor, where would you most like to live? Why? What are the factors, to you, that make a great place to live? What do you like or not like about where you live currently?
Without doubt it would have to be Turkey as I love the place and the people soooo much. I seriously considered it last year but to be honest the only things holding me back is Mum (although she would no doubt follow suit!), Gramps and the puddy's - with Turkey not being in Europe it means that puppycats would have to go into quarantine if I had to come back to the UK and I just couldnt put them through that. Its funny really as I am an adventurous person but get scared at the thought of giving up everything in the UK - I suppose its different if youre retiring but when you have to find a job as well thats even harder.
Perhaps one day?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Who ever said pink wasnt cool??????

Nuff said LOL

One of those days....

Have been trying to explain the shit shield to Mum over the last couple of days when I came across someone elses description and ended up laughing so loud in the office that everyone thought I was strange (well, hmmmm). So here goes, and enjoy:
Shit Shield
I went to my therapist tonight and I told her about how I hate Christmas. Then, I listed the reasons why I hate Christmas. Then, of course, we talked about how I don't particularly care for my father and stepmother because they have a tendency to pick my life apart and criticize. Her answer, "Oh, that's when you put up your shit shield." I was like, "huh?" That's when she explained to me that a shit shield is when you put up whatever you have to put up to keep other people's opinions from permeating into yourself. You put up an umbrella or brick wall or whatever and that way their shit doesn't get onto you. Her exact words. I kept laughing the entire time.
Then, we talked about how everybody has a shit pile and we all have a shovel. We shovel our own shit and if someone puts their shovel in our shit, we don't like it. People also don't really like it if you put your shovel in their shit either. So, the idea is to shovel your own shit and
a)keep other people from trying to shovel through your shit
b) keep your shovel out of other people's shit (at least ask first) and
c) try to keep others from adding to your pile of shit, if possible.
To anyone whom I've added to or tried to shovel your shit, I'm truly sorry. I will try to keep my shovel out of your pile. If you are attempting to put your shovel in MY shit, please ask first or you may get a shit storm.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Monthly crop day

Its that time of month already - well actually it came around a lot quicker as the last crop was only a couple of weeks ago. I love it as it means I get a full day cropping without any distractions (if you dont count Caz that is LMAO). Pretty pleased with the LO's today but it does mean I now have 2 full albums and need to invest in some more AAAAHHHH!!!
Cute piccie of Pix when she was staring at the birds in the garden - only staring though as she knows she doesnt stand a chance if you she tries to catch them....believe me persians have absolutely no hunting skills whatsoever theyre all paws and fur!!!
Love these pics of Gramps in Slovenia - the title says it all!! He decided right from the start at Stansted airport that he had a liking to Mums wedding hat and at every opportunity wore it...it was one of those moments that you will treasure forever x
Back to the old pics again and the lush MME Bohemia paper - this time me and my cousins hmmmmm you cant tell which is me ;-)
Bohemia yet again - I do have a real addiction for these papers. Sorry about the pic quality - the transparency didnt photograph too well.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

What to do with a recipe book stand...


Bought this from TKMaxx a couple of weeks ago cos I loved the look of it and just knew I could do something with it LOL For a while it was housing some of my scrapping books until I went to Hobbycraft today and bought a canvas. To be honest I dont think the piccie really does it justice - I did try taking one indoors but it looked even worse in the dingy light!!