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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Scraplifting a plenty

Now please dont think Ive gone and lost my mojo again - its just one of those days where I had projects that I wanted to lift and finally got around to doing so!
OK so time for the credits then - the artists dummy was a lift from a gorgeous one that Keisha Campbell (A Little Bit East) did. I loved it so much that I pretty much used the same as she did. Simple but I love it to bits and you can pick up the artist dummies for only £5 from good ole Ikea.
The dress form was one by Ranjini at Scrapologie - I adore her work and cant wait to be on the sub list for the kits. It wasnt quite how I wanted it turn out as the paper was a bummer to fold so I gave up with that (Becki no patience Wainwright LOL) and did it my way. It was larger than I had expected too which made it tricky but I think its kinda snazzy.
Finally we have those doctors tongue thingys (well actually large lolli sticks) that had been altered in this months Creative Scrapbooking mag - I decided to do them for Mum and my Aunts as a little pressie. Just dont try making the holes with a Fiskars punch as it kills LOL
Happy bank holiday everyone and enjoy cos theres none left until Xmas now ;-)


Lynsey said...

Fab work Bexs. Next time borrow my crop a dile for the holes, lol!

Rachael said...

They all look lovely.