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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Ok Im a naughty girl and like to be selective with the prompts on UKScrappers but the last 2 have really inspired me so I might have to do this more often LOL
You're having a small intimate dinner party with lots of good food, perhaps a glass or two of wine, and LOTS of sparkling conversation. Each of your five guests must be a real person but can be historical or currently alive. Who will you invite and why? What do you really want to talk about?
1. Steve Jobs - boy would I love to hear his honest thoughts on Bill Gates and hear more about his future plans...they man is pure genius!!
2. Einstein - who wouldnt!
3. Tommy Cooper - I dont think there is one joke this man could tell that I wouldnt laugh at...hilarious.
4. Socrates - another person who intrigues me and would love to know all about his trial and death.
5. My old cat Gismo for comfort.
"There ought to be a law": What are your pet peeves? We’ll call this ‘Grumpy old scrapbookers’! List your five top pet peeves about anything (scrapbooking, kids, partners, pets, or just life). If you've seen 'Grumpy Old Men' or 'Grumpy Old Women', you'll know what this means, but you don't have to be old...just grumpy.
1. Slow drivers - Im sorry but theyre just plain dangerous. Now I know Im a fast driver but to be doing 30mph on a main road is lethal and encouraging people to overtake. Simply drive to the speed limit or dont at all LOL
2. Jealous people - hey I work darn hard and strive for the nicer things in like so dont knock me.
3. Tax dodgers and those claiming when theyre too lazy to get off their butts and go get a job - hmmmm why should we pay your taxes????
See now you got me started and Im thinking of loads now LMAO
4. Mobile phone ring tones - get a simple one...nuff said ;-)
5. Lateness and forgetfulness - get a watch and a diary...simple!!!
Where/What is your comfort? When things get tough or a bit too mad, where do you go for comfort: food? a book? a fantasy? exercise? a secret place? a special friend? hot bath? or … ?
My main comfort is my teddy bear - now how daft does that seem at 32 still to have a fav bear!! im no doubt totally embarrasing myself here ;-) Ted Bear was given to me by an ex about 10 years ago and he is my comfort when Im feeling down or scared or just want some support. You wouldnt believe the secrets he knows!!! and if all else fails I'll go shopping ;-)

Monday, August 28, 2006

Couldnt resist!

Had a tidy up of my craft room after making a mess earlier and sat down to relax but then had a real urge to go bacl upstairs and make a mess - I was good this time though and only did one LO. I think Im really into flowery papers at the mo - these are the Prima range and, well y'know me, I kinda like pink!!!
Definitely off to relax now before work tomorrow - have fun everyone x

My Minds Eye - Bohemia LUSH!

Had to try out the new range which I only managed to find at www.amillionlittlethings.com and its so fav to use - I think I bought Jill out of the papers and transparencies LOL
This is such an adorable pic of Pickles - silly moggie decided to plonk herself on all my lush stash as soon as I opened the box...well we all like approvals dont we ;-)
If you buy anything this month believe me you NEED these papers LOL

Sunday, August 27, 2006

I love my moggie

She beeeaaauuuuuuuutiful so just wanted to show off these piccies!

A quick post

Just a quick post this morning as Im off shopping (again LOL). Did this late last night - it was one of those moments when youre watching TV and all of a sudden you get an idea LOL I love this picture sooooo much of me when I was little and it matched the Narratives papers exactly. Spot the new Fiskars border punch...cute!!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Scraplifting a plenty

Now please dont think Ive gone and lost my mojo again - its just one of those days where I had projects that I wanted to lift and finally got around to doing so!
OK so time for the credits then - the artists dummy was a lift from a gorgeous one that Keisha Campbell (A Little Bit East) did. I loved it so much that I pretty much used the same as she did. Simple but I love it to bits and you can pick up the artist dummies for only £5 from good ole Ikea.
The dress form was one by Ranjini at Scrapologie - I adore her work and cant wait to be on the sub list for the kits. It wasnt quite how I wanted it turn out as the paper was a bummer to fold so I gave up with that (Becki no patience Wainwright LOL) and did it my way. It was larger than I had expected too which made it tricky but I think its kinda snazzy.
Finally we have those doctors tongue thingys (well actually large lolli sticks) that had been altered in this months Creative Scrapbooking mag - I decided to do them for Mum and my Aunts as a little pressie. Just dont try making the holes with a Fiskars punch as it kills LOL
Happy bank holiday everyone and enjoy cos theres none left until Xmas now ;-)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

My LUSH new stamp storage

Now I must admit I've never been a stamper - can't stand those blimmin rubber things YEUCH!!!! However I have a new born addiction which is clear stamps (by the way Caz it's all your fault LOL) and have been wondering for ages how to store them. I had decided to put sheets of laminated paper into a standard file until I came across this fab file in Tesco today - it was in the back to school section and cost £9.99 but I think it is utterly FAB for taking to crops cos of the carry handle and you can just pop in the stamps you want to take with you!
Did the girl do good?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Not shaken or stirred

Unfortunately Mr Bond wasn't waiting for me today - totally gutted!! Had a client meeting at Pinewood Studios which was fab - it is such an amazing place with huge warehouse places everywhere and people rushing around! There's even a Goldfinger Avenue which made me chuckle...wanted to take some pics but didn't dare as there were notices everywhere that it wasn't allowed. Don't think it would have gone down to well if I had told my boss that I got chucked out for taking pics that I wanted to scrap LOL

Sunday, August 20, 2006

We got there eventually LOL

So carrying on from my crop post its another piccie of me and Gramps taken in Slovenia. Used the lovely Rouge De Garrance papers again and the transparency was actually a digital freebie that I printed last night.

I did this little plaque yesterday as I wanted something really cute to hang on my craft room door - I love it and think it works really well with the plain wooden letters...I was going to decorate them further but like the way they stand out.

Off now for dins at long last ;-)

Blogger gremlins

Looks like there are a few probs with uploading pics to Bloger so I have placed a couple of newer ones that I couldnt upload onto the start of Slide x

A crop day

Hence the number of LO's I managed to do LOL I wish I had more time like this and the inspiration that also goes with it!! It certainly comes from those fab pictures I had found and some great ones that had been taken recently. Spot the new papers as well, more BG Gypsy and Rouge De Garrance (lots of!)

I only have this picture of my old cat Gismo who was dearly gone on to moggie heaven - he was such a character as he used to knock on the letter bo to be let in, I'd love to have another cat like him again (oh and boys are definitely more affectionate!).

Used snippets of the new Dream Street papers for this but wanted to keep it rather simple (plus I get to use the papers again!!!). It was a hilarious moment one hot night when the back door was open...I was watching TV in the dark when all of a sudden there was the most god awul scream and the cats were playing with a frog!! Of course had to grab the camera quick!!

This piccie was taken at my cousins wedding of my Mum and Gramps - he is forever playing the fool and it makes me laugh so much when I look back at the pics...you'd never guess he was 86!!!! The title, well what can I say, it's him to a tee!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

A scrappy day!!!

Another of the old piccies I came across - Nan sometime on holiday in the Seventies, even Gramps didnt recognise these pics or know where they were taken!!!
Also loving the new Basic Grey - Im not normally a huge BG fan but Lily Kate was fab to use and Im getting used to Gypsy....its great to use bright colours for a change but I find it difficult as I seem to have a more relaxed style LOL

Old piccies....

I love going through old piccies - Gramps had hundreds of slides that I wanted to scan and there were some great baby pics of me I had never seen before...quite a cutie eh LOL
Used this as a fab opportunity to do a canvas that I had bought from a local Poundland and Im loving the outcome, the new Basic Grey Lily Kate papers were fab for this picture. Im also taking a leaf out of Karen Russell's book and using embroidery anglais on my LO's as it looks so fab - believe me I have tons of the stuff now!!
Have a chuckle at these other piccies I found....