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Monday, May 29, 2006

Scrappy days

Had a fab day with Caz today scrapping and I must admit some of the creativity is back! It is funny how you just lose your mojo sometimes and no matter how hard you try its just not there - perhaps we try too hard though sometimes?
Took some self portraits last night as I needed some new material to scrap, hence the bath tart!!! I think its great to show people a different side to you, it gives them a real insight into you as a person and your nuttiness!

Yet another LO with Pickles (I reckon poor Tabby will start getting jealous soon LOL) - I just couldnt help the photo as it was such a bizarre position to be in and on first glance looks just like a bundle of fur. Didnt think this needed too much on it as the paper is so intense.

Last but not least was my delve into the Jenni kit - again which I adored this month. I do find it hard though doing male LO's as Im never that excited with the papers that Im using. Love this pic of Gramps who, at 85, decided to grow a goatee...it was only a couple of years ago that he got his ear pierced - what next!!!

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