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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Ive lost my creativity AAAAAAAHHHHHHH

Ive gone and lost it all and for the life of me I cant find it anywhere...my creativity has vanished today :-(
I sat there all enthusiastic about doing some scrapping but no blimmin chance - the papers didnt co-ordinate with the photo I used and no matter how hard I tried I started to hate it more and more so decided to throw a hissy fit instead and chuck it all in the bin LOL I felt so much better afterwards!!
A couple of hours later I was feeling frustrated and whilst on the phone to Caz decided to do my Pixpen as it had been sat there for over a week.....decided that it didnt take too much creativity for that and the final result is above - if I do say so myself its lush and I cant stop writing with it!!! I must admit though whilst going through my charm pot I decided that I also have a charm addiction but that as I had used some I certainly needed more to keep the pot topped up so off to shop now LOL


Caz said...

Gorgeous......and I stole your creativity...mewwwhhhaaahhhaaahhhaaa

Caz said...

Gorgeous.....and I stole your creativity...mwwwhhaaaahhhahaaahhhaa

Scrapaholic said...

I want one, and I want it now, I stole some too. mwahhahahahahahah!!!!