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Monday, May 29, 2006

Scrappy days

Had a fab day with Caz today scrapping and I must admit some of the creativity is back! It is funny how you just lose your mojo sometimes and no matter how hard you try its just not there - perhaps we try too hard though sometimes?
Took some self portraits last night as I needed some new material to scrap, hence the bath tart!!! I think its great to show people a different side to you, it gives them a real insight into you as a person and your nuttiness!

Yet another LO with Pickles (I reckon poor Tabby will start getting jealous soon LOL) - I just couldnt help the photo as it was such a bizarre position to be in and on first glance looks just like a bundle of fur. Didnt think this needed too much on it as the paper is so intense.

Last but not least was my delve into the Jenni kit - again which I adored this month. I do find it hard though doing male LO's as Im never that excited with the papers that Im using. Love this pic of Gramps who, at 85, decided to grow a goatee...it was only a couple of years ago that he got his ear pierced - what next!!!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Ive lost my creativity AAAAAAAHHHHHHH

Ive gone and lost it all and for the life of me I cant find it anywhere...my creativity has vanished today :-(
I sat there all enthusiastic about doing some scrapping but no blimmin chance - the papers didnt co-ordinate with the photo I used and no matter how hard I tried I started to hate it more and more so decided to throw a hissy fit instead and chuck it all in the bin LOL I felt so much better afterwards!!
A couple of hours later I was feeling frustrated and whilst on the phone to Caz decided to do my Pixpen as it had been sat there for over a week.....decided that it didnt take too much creativity for that and the final result is above - if I do say so myself its lush and I cant stop writing with it!!! I must admit though whilst going through my charm pot I decided that I also have a charm addiction but that as I had used some I certainly needed more to keep the pot topped up so off to shop now LOL

Monday, May 15, 2006

Speed demon!!

Sat here knackered as anything writing this after spending a truly FAB day at Alton Towers - I think I managed to lose about 6 stone though from all of the walking though!!! I love the place so much and it was such a great day as we hardly had to queue for the rides at all..max of about 10 minutes!!
If you havent been lately then you really NEED to try out the new ride Rita Queen of Speed as its incredible....0-100kmph in 2 seconds, nearly took my head off my shoulders LOL
I remember the old days when the Corkscrew was the most amazing ride at the park - well you can forget it now as its lethal - I managed to smack my jaw so hard against the head rest that Im convinced its left me not only with an extremely sore neck but also whiplash!!!!!
Cant wait to go back again...oh and the hotdogs are LUSH!!!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Too much like hard work!

A busy day at the MK crop today, although I was starting to get the hump with the cover girl layout as it seems impossible to stick clear letters to black Bazzill without seeing the glue...so much for Glossy Accents I gave up with the first one and sat there peeling the glue of the letters about 6 tines before I managed to get it to work!!
Loving the KI Alphabet Soup though - it looks so funky on LO's and is really versatile with the mixed fonts.
Also loving the new crop kits that Rach & lyns are providing theyre fabby! Notice the alphabet soup again...I think Im starting to become addictive...wonder whether there is an SA (stash anonymous) in MK LOL
The layout of me below (aged 8 bless) was done using this kit

The diet is hard work - Im trying so hard to be good but I just dont seem to be losing any more...only 1/4 pound this week which just isnt good enough! I think Im going to take inspiration from Pickles and try the odd spider or two for dinner LOL

Enjoyed the monochromatic feel to this LO andbefore you ask, no I didnt do the handwriting...even if I had of tried it wouldnt have looked neat and after all isnt that what rubons are for teehee

On a more meaningful note this is another LO I finished and feel is rather poignant. The wording reads:

All too often we take life for granted.
I came across this picture of me with Uncle Brian
when I was about 16 and it made me think about life -
it made me remember how close we came to losing him when
he had his heart attack, how uncertain life is and most
of all how precious it is.
None of us know when "our time" is but what we
do know is how to love family and friends, how to
treasure the small moments and how to laugh and
smile. All too often we pass these gifts by.

I love you Uncle Brian x

Oh well its Sunday again - hate it cos its work tomorrow yet love it cos it means that 24 is on again and I get my Bauer fix! For those that watch it I do think this season is the best by far...mind you it could be made better by the addition of Chase but I am currently working my magic powers on this one and if it doesnt work this year then at least I have another 3 years to keep trying...or perhaps find my own Chase LOL

Enjoy the week ahead x