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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Glitter is bad for you!!

Opened my Jenni kit today to do some playing around and had great fun with it - although I dont think Im really the type of person who should be let loose using glitter...its the first time really Ive tried to and ended up in such a horrendous mess with it everywhere. Now I can handle mess but orangle glitter absolutely everywhere didnt go down to well so I threw it all in the bin...never again LOL The kit was fab but and I love the papers to bits - I thought it did real justice to the adorable pic of Pix that I had taken earlier. I dedcided to do a miracle layout for her as nearly a year ago we didnt think she would be with us. Poor little thing spent 3 weeks in intensive care on a drip due to anorexia and then developed cat flu, even the vets were amazed that she pulled round...skin and bone is an underestimate as she lost half her body weight! She is certainly back to full health now though a real greedy mite too LOL
The diet is going well and have now lost 4lbs in less than a week although still have 21 to go!!! I bought a pair of all singing and dancing scales which frighten the life out of you when you get on them...ok if youve lost weight but put it on and they literally get up and slap you round the face teehee!!!

1 comment:

KimmyS said...

I LOVE what you did with the Kit!! You should be a Designer for her, honestly