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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Everyone else had the same idea!

Yep I did it - not only did I mow the lawn but I weeded and did a bit of bush trimming (with a pair of scissors - the bush not the grass LOL) and then everyone else started...think I started a craze in Milton Keynes this morning!! Pickles the persian loved it - running in and out of the mown grass and then back in through the house dragging most of the garden in with her...followed my by me running after picking up the mess!!! Tabs spent most of the time just sunning herself.

I thought Easter Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest but I've been the busiest ever and even finished the wedding order...no stopping this girl!!! Had a good ole tidy of the craft room whilst dancing around to the 80's songs on my stereo - the neighbours surely would have thought I had lost the plot if they had seen me!!! A few more piccies to show you...I decided to eventually alter the slide mailer I had been putting off

and also made 3 ATC's to go in my life box
then decided to stop and be a slob in front of the TV LOL

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