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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

All a bit strange if you ask me....

Hmmmmmm after much deliberation I have decided to enter the blogging universe, albeit rather nervous and shy (Im sure that will change given time!!!).
So a little about me then - my name is Becki and I seem to have developed into one of those arty farty crafty types and love to spend my time scrapbooking and altering everything. In addition I also run a wedding stationery business www.madkittydesigns.co.uk which tends to keep me out of mischief most of the time. I have two beautiful puddytats (Pickles the Persian and Tabby the Moggie) who occupy the rest of my spare time - oh and also eat way too much!!!
So why blog then? I suppose I am no doubt the same as a lot of people and want to express my triumphs and downfalls and show off bits and pieces
and, of course, inform others of all the goodies I find online - encouragement is the key to being penniless after all!!


bookit said...

ahhh...it looks great! congrats on entering the blog word :)

Sue said...

wow i am impressed s quick !!! must pull my finger out!!

mandy said...

OOh well it's lovely, am so impressed by your scrummy banner, now if someone could let me know how you do it, an idiots guide would be best :)

KimmyS said...

Welcome to the world of blogging hun....and it's looking marvellous!!!!!

Gimme a shout if you ever need any help with anything - I love Blogger!