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Saturday, April 29, 2006

My first milestone!!!!!!!

I did it!!! I hot my first milestone and have now officially lost half a stone...so excited and even more determined now. Its been a busy week - went to Mulino's with work yesterday for lunch and I was a good little girl, by the way for those of you that havent been the food is to die for! Actually when I say good I was until I got to the dessert and just had to have a huge slab of tiramisu...or as its better known heaven on a plate! For those of you wondering the official milestone was broken today after the gorg out so I must be doing something right...however if you see a salad walking down the street then you'll know its me!
Had some lush papers delivered this week and have loved doing this LO - a huge thanks to Kimmee for the alphabet soup (calorie free may I add!) although I think I am going to need more pretty soon. I wanted to do a LO of me sleeping as was inspired by someone else's I saw, I found it really peaceful to look at and shows a real innocence and vulnerability.
Anyway off now so hope you all have a fabby holiday x

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Really lazy

Boy have I been lazy today - all I did was went food shopping and one layout LOL Sat down now about to enjoy a film before I have the trial of doing my daily exercises AAAHHHH!!!

Love this layout to bits and really enjoyed doing it - Im starting to enjoy really working with 8x6" photos as that size really does a good picture justice. I think its the simplicity I love ans the colours are fab too. You'd never believe in this one Tabby actually attacked me afterwards....dont think she enjoyed a camera on macro mode right in her face, oh and I gave up after that!!! Need to start doing some LO's that aren't of the moggies but they are both so adorable and certainly not camera shy!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Glitter is bad for you!!

Opened my Jenni kit today to do some playing around and had great fun with it - although I dont think Im really the type of person who should be let loose using glitter...its the first time really Ive tried to and ended up in such a horrendous mess with it everywhere. Now I can handle mess but orangle glitter absolutely everywhere didnt go down to well so I threw it all in the bin...never again LOL The kit was fab but and I love the papers to bits - I thought it did real justice to the adorable pic of Pix that I had taken earlier. I dedcided to do a miracle layout for her as nearly a year ago we didnt think she would be with us. Poor little thing spent 3 weeks in intensive care on a drip due to anorexia and then developed cat flu, even the vets were amazed that she pulled round...skin and bone is an underestimate as she lost half her body weight! She is certainly back to full health now though a real greedy mite too LOL
The diet is going well and have now lost 4lbs in less than a week although still have 21 to go!!! I bought a pair of all singing and dancing scales which frighten the life out of you when you get on them...ok if youve lost weight but put it on and they literally get up and slap you round the face teehee!!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Goodbye chocolate!

Ok so I am literally about to throttle the moggies...the diet started today and its really starting to kill me!!! I never realised how hard self control is but Im determined to do it - I have 2 stone to lose that I have put on over the last year and half of that I want to do before I go away for my cousins wedding in June...actually I have to as I purposely bought an outfit too small for me LOL
So today so far I feel like Im in the middle of a famine and keep fantasising about chocolate and cream cakes and McD's and chocolate and cream cakes and oh did I mention chocolate? Ive also been doing the Rosemary Conley Slim n Salcacise DVD which I must admit is FAB.....Im sure the neighbours are looking at me rather strangely through the window though as I bob up and down!!! Still Im going to show that I can be dedicated and get into those jeans from last year that are hiding at the top of the airing cupboard.....hmmm we'll see!!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Everyone else had the same idea!

Yep I did it - not only did I mow the lawn but I weeded and did a bit of bush trimming (with a pair of scissors - the bush not the grass LOL) and then everyone else started...think I started a craze in Milton Keynes this morning!! Pickles the persian loved it - running in and out of the mown grass and then back in through the house dragging most of the garden in with her...followed my by me running after picking up the mess!!! Tabs spent most of the time just sunning herself.

I thought Easter Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest but I've been the busiest ever and even finished the wedding order...no stopping this girl!!! Had a good ole tidy of the craft room whilst dancing around to the 80's songs on my stereo - the neighbours surely would have thought I had lost the plot if they had seen me!!! A few more piccies to show you...I decided to eventually alter the slide mailer I had been putting off

and also made 3 ATC's to go in my life box
then decided to stop and be a slob in front of the TV LOL

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Step away from the fridge!

Well firstly a huge Happy Easter to everyone and PUT THE CHOCOLATE DOWN!!!! I must admit I have been rather naughty and have eaten too much - I even had it for breakfast this morning...hmmm that reminds me must start the diet once all the eggs are gone ;-)
I am loving this time off of work - it's so nice to sit down and relax for a few days without the dreaded alarm going off in the morning. I did contemplate mowing the lawn but it looks like its going to rain so we'll give that one a miss for the time being...lazy I know but hey! Spent yesterday shopping and starting a wedding order of 60 shot glasses....I'm sure at some point last night I was dreaming that I was being attacked by a monster glass ghostbuster style LOL
Having a crafty day today and have spent the morning doing an altered domino mini book and I love it to bits now its finished...its just soooooo cute!!!!
Here's also a little tin I altered which came in the Jenni Bowlin kit - I'm going to fill it with lots of life wishes.
And as it seems to be a sentimental day I also decided to make a life box which I will fill with altered playing cards all about my life - I'll show you these as soon as I get started on them!!!
Anyway off now to have some choccie for lunch LOL xxx

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

All a bit strange if you ask me....

Hmmmmmm after much deliberation I have decided to enter the blogging universe, albeit rather nervous and shy (Im sure that will change given time!!!).
So a little about me then - my name is Becki and I seem to have developed into one of those arty farty crafty types and love to spend my time scrapbooking and altering everything. In addition I also run a wedding stationery business www.madkittydesigns.co.uk which tends to keep me out of mischief most of the time. I have two beautiful puddytats (Pickles the Persian and Tabby the Moggie) who occupy the rest of my spare time - oh and also eat way too much!!!
So why blog then? I suppose I am no doubt the same as a lot of people and want to express my triumphs and downfalls and show off bits and pieces
and, of course, inform others of all the goodies I find online - encouragement is the key to being penniless after all!!